What is my Hair Type?

What is my Hair Type?

What is my Hair Type?

Hey Ya’ll, BlackHairCare101 is officially here for all your black hair needs.

We’ve put together this site for black hair from 3A-4C, for what can be considered unruly hair.

We know you may need information regarding your crown and we are here for you!! Getting together quickly in the morning time can be a drag. As a black woman I KNOW!! But after years of trial and error, Hairdressers after hairdressers. Then having to cut my hair down to a mini fro because of dead ends. Caused by hairdressers flat ironing my hair and burning the tips. I said NO MORE!!

So I decided to start by researching my hair type and textures. I looked up everything from:

3’s Hair Types

  • 3A – Said to be very shiny and very loose
  • 3B – Which carries a course and small amount of curls, in the shape of mini rings; ringlets. Small coils when wet do not hold much water.
  • 3C – This hair types similar to 3B, but has tighter coils and considered to be coiled like a corkscrew.
Mermaid Unicorn

4’s Hair Types

  • 4A – A dense and springy, tightly coiled hair type. Shaped in a “S” pattern when stretched out. 4A hair texture retains moisture well, and often compared or confused with 3C.
  • 4B – With an undefined curl pattern, 4B hair visually looks like fluffy cotton balls. When let out strands will pack in densely, and can be shaped in many different ways.
  • 4C – Very similar to 4B’s texture, with tighter coils and the same fluffy look. 4C hair type can also be called an AFRO when let out. This particular hair type is very fragile and range from Soft & Thin to Coarse & Thick, and when wet 4c hair loses roughly 75% of its volume.

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